Dehlya or Dehler

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Dehlya or Dehler

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I have a 22' project -- Dehlya/Dehler 22 and intend to purchase some parts from
Some parts on the website are specific to the DY22 or D22 -- I sent an e-mail to the website address and received a note
to contact the same e-mail address with questions (tried that -no response)so I'll try here to find out how to identify the boat.

1. What is the difference between Dehlya 22 (DY22) and Dehler 22 (D22)?
My boat "Shiffs - Nr" 264-098
and Title Vin Number is shown as WZM640988485

Using a 25CR manual to examine the VIN number shows
WZM Unique Shipyard Code?
64 Designated type as chosen by the shipyard?
098 Serial Construction Number
84 1984, when construction started
85 End digits of year 1985, when the yacht was delivered

2. Manufacturer label under traveler is faded--can it be replaced? Note the boat is identified as
Dehlya 22 with the manufacturer logo as Dehler!

3. Which spray cap should I order ? - Spritzkappe #14257 (only DY22) or #20490 (D22 only)

4. My sliding hatch (Schiebeluke) is a gelcoat coated foam board -- Has anyone here replaced it
with the newer acrylic hatch # 17601 or #18805?

5. My boat has carpeted interior panels in the cabintop -- are the newer fiberglass cabin panels still available?

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Re: Dehlya or Dehler

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D22 is the successor of the DY22. Both of them have been built by the Dehler ship yard.
Afaik they have the same hull but different keels.
DY22: lift keel + water ballast
D22: fixed keel
Further differences are basically the foresail sheet rope (D22 on / DY22 beside the coach) and the interior.
In the galleries at you will find both. e.g. Franz’s gallery: D22 / Uli’s gallery: DY22
The galleries are an incredible source of information and ideas.
Best regards,

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Re: Dehlya or Dehler

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Hi and congratualion to your Dehlya 22.

As said, the Dehlya is the version with lifting keel and the Dehler the same with fixed keel.

The number 26x-yyy means, as I know:

26(0) model/range number with the last ciphre x as production year, that means, 264 = 26 (Dehlya 22) and 4 = produced in 1984
yyy = number of production /hull number in 1984.

As I heard, this system was running in minimum for the time 1983 - 1984.

Dehlya 22